Relay South Carolina (RSC) is a free service for all South Carolina residents, connecting individuals who are deaf, deafblind, hard-of-hearing, or have a speech disability with users of standard telephones. Whether calling on a standard telephone or a text telephone (TTY, a special phone with a typewriter-style keyboard), relay makes communication simple, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Using RSC is easy. Either the hearing or the deaf person dials 711 to reach a specially trained operator known as a Relay Operator. The Relay Operator acts as an impartial, two-way "relay" in the conversation, reading messages typed on the TTY to the hearing person while typing responses on the TTY back to the deaf caller.


Simply dial 711 to connect to relay. Confidentiality for relay users and Relay Operators is ensured by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling.


Using relay is easy and offers access to the world for South Carolina residents with hearing loss who are seeking two-way telecommunication. Friends, family, business associates and services are just a phone call way.  MAKE YOUR CONNECTION ...

WHAT IS 711?

711 is a telephone relay number that connects standard (voice) telelphone users with deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind and/or speech-disabled people who use text telephones (TTYs). Relay users can now simply dial 711 to connect with Relay South Carolina. This allows easier access, particularly for less experienced relay users such as businesses or friends and family of TTY users.


711 is NOT an emergency number and should not be confused with 911. However, if you use a TTY and cannot obtain emergency services on 911, you may call 711 and tell the Relay Operator you have an emergency situation. The Relay Operator will then voice your emergency to the South Carolina State Police.


All states have 711. There is no fee for using 711 service.



The South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS) is a state agency that represents the public interest in public utility matters. ORS was created in February 2004 with the Governor's signature of Senate Bill 200. The agency officially opened on July 1, 2004, and has made strides in hiring talent, securing permanent office space, and making a difference in the realm of public utility regulation.


The ORS represents the public interest in utility regulation. The public interest, as defined by the South Carolina General Assembly, is as follows: 
The concerns of the using and consuming public with respect to public utility services, regardless of the class of customer, and preservation of continued investment in and maintenance of utility facilities so as to provide reliable and high-quality utility services.


Relay South Carolina is administered and overviewed by the ORS.


More information about the ORS

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