Relay South Carolina Customer Relations Manager Missy McManus, CapTel Outreach Specialist, or Customer Service are available to answer any questions or to receive customer suggestions, comments or complaints. When calling about a specific incident, please remember to provide the relay operator's identification number, date, and time of call. Or, for assistance during a relay call, callers may ask to speak to a supervisor. We will also accept requests for Relay South Carolina brochures, outreach materials, presentations, or any other additional relay information.


Missy McManus
Missy McManus

Customer Relations Manager

Deaf since birth, Missy McManus has lived in Ohio and North Carolina, and she currently resides in the Columbia, South Carolina area.  After graduating from a public high school in Raleigh, Missy obtained a Bachelor's degree at Gallaudet University in 1991 in Washington, D.C. Previous jobs included caption editor and proofreader, co-coordinator of a deaf/hard of hearing program, and college tutor.


Missy joined the Sprint Accessibility team in the summer of 2003 as Account Manager for Sprint Accessibility products and services in South Carolina.  She also manages other state relay accounts and national projects.


While not explaining Relay South Carolina / Sprint Accessibility products and services, Missy volunteers with local and statewide organizations. 


Kraig Ankiewicz

CapTel Outreach

Kraig Ankiewicz has worked for Sprint as a Relay Contractor for several years. His current title is Veteran/Civilian Personnel Liaison for Federal Relay. He specializes in assisting deaf and hard of hearing individuals to communicate using modern-day technologies. He offers assistance with CapTel and Federal Relay services. He coaches families, individuals and businesses’ as to the products currently available to them and strives to improve their overall quality of life by offering a proven effective means of communication.


Kraig has a personal understanding of the difficulties regarding communication due to his severe hearing loss from military service. He feels strongly that the services he promotes help clients shift from a limited communicative role to one of endless opportunity.


Kraig was raised in Florida but since retirement from the Air Force, has resided in Myrtle Beach. You will typically find him playing football with his kids, attending the Myrtle Beach Track and Field Club events, volleyball games, soccer games, youth group activities at his church and numerous other youth activities.


Kraig and his wife Kelly have four children, two dogs, four turtles and two sugar bears. 


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