Relay South Carolina not only offers relay services for deaf or hard-of-hearing consumers but also for consumers with a speech disability. People with hearing and speech disabilities use the phone like everyone else – to find out about a product, make an appointment, reach a teacher, call a parent with a birthday party invitation, or simply to be neighborly.


Two services that are available for callers with a speech disability are:


Hearing Carry-Over (HCO) allows a caller with a speech disability to type his/her conversation for the Relay Operator to read aloud to the standard telephone user. The HCO user can listen to the standard telephone user. A teletypewriter device (TTY) may be needed to use this service.


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Speech-to-Speech (STS) allows a speech-disabled person to voice his/her conversation. A specially trained Sprint STS operator repeats the words of the person with a speech disability or synthesizer output to the other person. No special equipment is needed to use this service.


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